Fallen Star

Interstellar Service & Discipline

Trapped and altered into a Skeldhi-human hybrid sex-pet known as a rehkyt, her past is a closed door–until it literally comes back to haunt her.

Category: M/M/F
WARNING: BDSM, Explicit!

When the Skeldhi Hunters Catch You…

Isabeau Fallon, the Fallen Star was one of the finest thieves on Dyson’s Ring station — until she was caught by a Skeldhi hunter looking for stray humans for sex-pets.

Trapped and altered into a skeldhi-human hybrid known as a rehkyt, her past is a closed door — until it literally comes back to haunt her in the form of E’sey Khan, a Skeldhi Lord Officer intent on having the Moribund Company’s prize code-cracker – the Fallen Star – for his very own.

Seemingly random accidents and hidden programs converge to prove that there is more going on than the capture of a not-so-simple thief. There is a conspiracy afoot and the small thief from Dyson’s Ring station is in it — up to her collared throat.

WARNING! This is a BDSM Fantasy!

This is a work of fiction intended to stimulate the imagination and the body. While my stories sometimes depict humiliation and/or coercion they are not meant to be anything thing more than pure sadomasochistic make-believe.

Remember there are Rules for BDSM play.
They begin & end with: Safe, Sane & Consensual.


Praise for Fallen Star

Gold Star — Road to Romance

“I loved this book because It had a great story, and the three characters in the book were awesome, all strong and able to survive on their own, but in the end much better together. All of them had hidden depths that I discovered as I read the book, making the book impossible to put down.”

Recommended Read – Fallen Angel Reviews

“What really impresses me is that the emotions and frustrations of the characters are so powerfully written that the reader begins to experience the same feelings. In fact, I’ve rarely had an emotional reaction to a novel that is quite as intense as the reaction I have to Hawke’s writing, especially these two Stars. I highly recommend this book for its skillful, multi-level plotting and writing, and for the rousing good SF story too!”
— Jean

Gold Star – Just Erotic Romance Reviews

“Ms. Hawke wrote a unique, phenomenal and rare book that is added to the outstanding series already published. For those who want to experience a book that flows seamlessly, has a plot that will transport you to another dimension and singe your fingers, you can’t go past this book. The characters were believable and charismatic, a feature in many of Ms. Hawke’s books. I highly recommend this book for those who not only love great stories but for those who enjoy having the threads of their mind shaken, stirred and rocked to the core.For all these reasons, I consider Fallen Star deserving of the Gold Star Award.”
— Mila Bean

Gold Star – Just Erotic Romance Reviews

“How can you avoid gushing when you like a book so much from the get go, that all you see in front of you is GOLD STAR GOLD STAR GOLD STAR … not easy, let me tell you … Fallen Star is one of those RARE books that literally drew me in from almost the first page. I was taken hostage without even realizing it … by the characters, by the story, by the sex, by the detailed world of the Skeldhi … in short, I fell in love. Morgan Hawke is not a new author for me, and I included her in my autobuy list the second I discovered her, right after I finished reading the first book in what is, in my personal opinion, one of the best futuristic series I’ve had the pleasure of reading. I believe she outdid herself. … Ms. Hawke plucked all the right cords to have me not only aroused throughout the whole book, but emotionally involved as well. For all these reasons, I believe Fallen Star is deserving of a Gold Star Award.
Mireya Orsini

5 Stars – Absolutely amazing, LOVED IT

This book was totally not what I expected from the synopsis. It absolutely blew me away. The world building was so amazing I pictured all of it and the characters….just wow. You can’t help but love the characters. This author provided a full storyline complete with action and intrigue without skimping on the romance. The interaction and development between the main characters was all there and seeing them grow closer without some contrived misunderstanding to force a story was refreshing. Honestly this story is truly unique and I loved every second reading it. I couldn’t put it down and hated it when I got to the last pages and it was done and I had to leave the world this author created. I don’t give high praise all that often, nor do I give 5 stars but I would give this book an even higher rating if I could. I loved it that much.

5 Stars – Amazing

I thought this was just going to be hard erotica with simple story etc. but was I wrong. I read this because this was recommended and the story was amazing! I’m not usually into manages but this was such a awesome love story all the way around with a great plot and the back story of her and this world just kept you totally invested in the story. It is definitely a love story you just need a open mind.
–Avid Reader 12–

5 Stars – I loved it!

I liked this book very much, more than the others. I read this one after reading Victorious Star and it was the right order to read them. This book treats the BDSM relationship in a way where there is no abuse but a consensual relationship where the people involved are not debased, but simply accepted as they were and how they want to leave their life. All involved took and received what they wanted in the relationship. There are many funny scenes where one surprises the other and where they learn to accept each other. There is no debasement or abuse just a complex relationship. I give it 5 stars and I want more books about the skeldi.
— Lidia M. P. Moraes —


– One –

Dyson’s Ring outpost station
Under-City, in a back alley
Evening cycle

Fallon stared up at the deeply shadowed towering steel walls of the alley’s dead end and ground her teeth. The door that was supposed to be at the end of this alley was nowhere to be found. “Damn it all, this isn’t where I’m supposed to be!”

Most of the lights in the station’s industrial deeps had gone out, or been shot out, so it was hard to see as a rule, even with her night-sight eye augmentations. The worst part was that everything down in this steel maze of pipes and installations looked pretty damned uniform, right down to the corrosion stains. There was no telling how far off course she actually was.

She needed directions, and fast.

In three steps she reached the steel wall of the alley and a long pipe with a faded and peeling telecommunications logo. She lifted her knee and selected a slender tap from the array of small, delicate tools tucked into the battered leather of her tall boots. A swift punch with another one of her tools broke the pipe’s casing and then it was just a matter of uncoiling her hotwire, jacking the tap into the communications wires, and shoving her wire into the data port at the base of her skull.

Her internal communications program spat code into the wire.

She looked down at the grimy steel floor, sweeping a gloved hand down her black skin suit. She cringed in disgust. The suit was smeared with filth and the seams were torn in a number of places. All the pipes she had crawled through and the roofs she had nearly fallen from to avoid her pursuer had really taken a toll on the once-sleek leather. It was going to cost a fortune to replace the damned thing, but she didn’t have much of a choice. She needed it for work.

“Station Master, spit it out and make it quick.” The voice was electronic and annoyed.

She grinned. “Hey, Peter, this is the Fallen Star.”

“Izzie! Where in fury have you been, wench?”

She rolled her eyes and shook her head. “I miss you too, but right now, I’m in a jam. I need directions and quick.”

“Stand by for subliminal download.”

“Standing by.” A trickle of white noise was introduced over the line. Fallon nodded. “Receiving download; thanks, Peter.”

“Hey, no problem. You still playing pixie for the bad guys?”

Fallon sighed. “Got to make a living somehow.” She stomped her feet to break the mud off her tall boots. They were crusted with muck to the knees. She didn’t even want to think about what was snarled in her cropped shoulder-length black hair. Bloody Fate, I need a bath…

“You could always come down to Never-land and play pixie for me…?” The pout carried crystal clear over the connection.

Fallon shrugged. “I love you, Peter, but I can’t live hardwired to a couch like you do. I’ve got a fully functional body. I’d like to use it.”

“Fine, be that way, but you could visit. In fact you should visit. You’re way overdue for a bug hunt. God only knows what’s been dropped into your head between pirate ships.”

Fallon winced. He had a point. She probably needed a thorough cleaning. “That’s not a bad idea. Are any of the other lostlings down there?”
There was a heavy electronic sigh. “They’re all outside. Come down and play with me, Izzie.”

“Tell you what, as soon as I lose the guy currently on my tail, I’ll drop by for a long visit.”

“Who’s tailing you?” The electronic voice was threaded with anger. “I told you not to play with the bad guys!”

“It’s not the boss.” Fallon sighed. “It’s some white-haired foreign guy in pointy black armor.”

“Fangs, pointy ears, weird eyes and perverted as all get out?”

Fallon frowned. That was exactly what was tailing her. “Yeah…”

“Come home now!”

Fallon’s frown deepened. “Now?”

“Now, Izzie, I’m serious. The Imperium pays those guys to take criminals, and the Fallen Star is high on the criminal collection list!”

Fallon winced. “Yeah, well, being a good professional thief has its disadvantages…”

“Izzie, if they get you, you are not coming back!”

Fallon snorted. “Relax, Peter, there isn’t any place I can’t break out of ‑‑ ”

“Izzie! I’m not playing here! If they get you, you won’t come back, because you won’t want to come back, you’ll want to stay with them!”

Fallon rolled her eyes. “Peter, you know nothing can hold me.”

“Izzie, I mean it, get down here! Don’t make me use the codes to get you down here.”

She gasped. He was actually threatening her with the command codes? “Peter!”

“Come home now, Izzie!”

“Okay, okay, Peter, I’ll come home, but I don’t want him following me down, so let me lose him first.”
“Don’t bother, let him follow, I’ll take care of him. Follow the map and get your little ass down here right now.”

She sighed. Damned nanny. You’d think she was still a skinny ten-year-old with scraped knees running through drainpipes from the bigger kids. “Okay, Peter, I’m on my way.”

“Good. Go!” The line died.

Fallon rolled up her wire and tucked the tap back into her boot while scanning the information she’d just downloaded. She wasn’t anywhere near where she was supposed to be. She groaned. Piss… She hadn’t thought she had drifted that far off course. She was going to have to backtrack.

A low masculine chuckle echoed in the alley. “Dead-end, thief.”

Her heart slammed in her throat. Blood and Fate, not again? She turned sharply to look behind her. Her pursuer was little more than a silhouette of broad-shouldered moving blackness, yet he filled the alley with his intimidatingpresence.

Damn it! She’d known he was close, but she hadn’t thought he was that close! How by burning fury was he finding her so fast? The stupid, stubborn brute… She turned her back on him and set her gloved hands on the steel wall, but it was too slippery with night condensation to climb. Shit, shit, shit…!

“You are out of options, thief.” His chuckle echoed at her back. “Yield, and save yourself some grief.”

She backed up against the steel wall and dropped into a fighter’s crouch with her fists raised. “I’m not down yet!”

“But you will be.” He stepped across a small beam of light that cut through the misty darkness to caress his sculpted, overlapping black body armor. It shimmered with oily iridescence, as though made of midnight rainbows. Silver gleamed in the frost white of his hair. Shadows deepened the pale and brutally handsome lines of his high cheekbones and strong jaw. Pairs of silver rings glittered in the lobes of his pointed ears, accentuating the decorative cuts along the lower arches. The long tail of his severe braid fell well past his broad shoulders and swung at his narrow waist as he approached. “You will go down, and you will yield.”

Fallon felt her pulse beat in her throat. He was fully armored and all she had was a thin layer of battered leather. Fate and damnation, she didn’t want to fight him again, but she didn’t have a whole lot of choice. “You haven’t caught me yet.”

“Oh, no?” His white brows rose over bright and amused sapphire blue eyes. Feline green-gold reflected in their depths. His full lips curved into a cruel smile. “Have it your way.” The points of his canines gleamed. “But there’s only one way out…” He opened his arms with his hands pointedly empty of the weapons she knew he carried, daring her to get past him.

She took the dare in a flurry of fists and feet.

The exchange of fists, kicks and curses was vicious and short. He trapped her arm and grappled her into a chokehold with both of her wrists wedged up to the center of her back, wrapped in one large paw.

She was just too damned tired.

“This hunt is over, thief.” His breath was harsh and hot against her ear. “You lose.”

Fallon sucked a breath past the armored arm jammed across her windpipe. Bloody Fate, he has a tight grip. Smart move on his part; she was very limber. If he gave her the smallest increment, she would wiggle free. She arched her spine, coming up on her toes to relieve the ache. Not that it did much good. He was more than a head and a half taller, and his shoulders were twice hers in width. He didn’t look nearly this big when he introduced himself in the bar. But then, he hadn’t been wearing pointy black armor, either.

She sucked air past his chokehold. “Sobehk, you are cutting off the circulation in my arms.”

“Oh, really?” Sobehk’s chuckle made the hair on her arms rise. “That’s too bad, Fallon, or should I say Isabeau Torne Fallon?”

Fallon froze. He knew her whole name? Where by fury had he heard that? Not even her boss knew more than her handle!

“Do you yield?” His voice was a sinister purr in her ear. “Or do I need to break something?”

Damn it, she couldn’t afford the time off to heal a broken arm. “All right, fine, I yield, so now what?”

“Now, you go down.” His foot hooked hers and she fell to her knees. He dropped down on one knee with her, keeping her wrists jammed tight up against her spine, with his arm snug around her throat. “And you stay down.”

Fallon hissed to keep from yelping and arched back sharply. The uneven pavement dug into her knees, and both shoulders were painfully close to dislocation. “Take it easy on the arms, you big brute, I’m not a marine cyborg!” She was robotically augmented for agility, not power.

“No, but you are one slippery thief.” His hand tightened on her wrists. “I’m not taking any chances with losing you again.”

She bit back an escaping whimper. “Yeah, I’m a thief. What did you expect? This is a smuggling outpost, everybody’s a thief.” She wriggled her fingers but all she could feel was his damned body armor. It had to be some kind of titanium alloy; he moved like it didn’t weigh more than paper, but there wasn’t a drop of give to it. She hadn’t been able to land a single effective blow. Her foot was still bruised from that last kick she’d aimed at his kidneys. This really sucks…

Damn it! She didn’t have time for this shit. She set her teeth. “Look, whatever you intend to do to me, beat me, fuck me, or whatever… Can you hurry up and get it over with? I have shit to get done.”

His arm tightened on her throat. “What? Do you have a quota or something, thief?”

She turned her head slightly and sucked in a small breath past his chokehold. “Or something…” Blood and Fate, yeah, she had a quota; everyone on this blasted outpost had some kind of quota to fill. She was lucky that she was damned good at filling hers because this stupid game of hide-and-seek had taken far too much of her productive time. “Just do it, all right?”

“I’ll get to it when I’m damned good and ready.” Sobehk‘s voice rumbled in a deep growl. “If you wanted a quick end to this, you should have yielded two days ago when I caught you the first time.”

Fallon snorted. “You could have given up two days ago when I got away the first time.”

“Too bad for you.” Sobehk actually chuckled. “Once I start a hunt, I finish it.” His long teeth caught the lobe of her ear in a tender bite. “You shouldn’t have picked me for a target.”

Fallon tilted her head away from his mouth. “You shouldn’t have pissed me off!”

He nipped at her exposed throat. “What? Don’t you like sex?” He made a sound that might have been a growl, but it sounded a lot closer to an actual feline purr.

Fallon shivered in spite of herself. “Sure, I like sex ‑‑ with guys that aren’t ass-holes!” She tried to twist, even a little, but his grip on her arms was far too tight. “Look, grabbing people and kissing them within seconds of stating your name is not the way to pick up women.”

“Is that so?” He purred right into the curve of her ear. “Then why did you kiss me back?”

Fallon felt her face heat. She had kissed him back; Sobehk was a damned good kisser. “So I kissed you, big fat hairy deal. That didn’t mean I wanted to have sex in the middle of a crowded bar.”

“Are you sure?” His deep chuckle curled straight down into her gut. “I didn’t hear any complaints until after I had your bare tit in one hand and you were ready to cum on my other.”

“Of course not!” Fallon scowled as her cheeks flushed with more heat. “I was flat down on the table with your tongue shoved down my throat. I had to bite you to get your mouth off mine so I could tell you to stop.”

“I thought you were just being affectionate.” His voice practically purred then the sound drifted into a growl. “Until you took off on me.”

Fallon pitched her voice as sweet as sugar. “And I thought you were just being a perverted ass-hole, which is why I took off on you.”

Sobehk stiffened and his voice rumbled deep in his chest. “Is that why you took my turbo glider?”

“Well, yeah.” She winced under the increased pressure. If he gripped her any tighter, he was going to break her arm. “You pissed me off!”

Sobehk relaxed slightly and barked out a laugh. “You were pissed because I almost made you cum right there in front of everybody.”

Fallon ground her teeth. She remembered only too well exactly how close — and how fast — he had brought her to the trembling edge of orgasm. He was damned attractive, in a big, scary kind of way, and he was really good with his hands, and his mouth. She had spent over an hour with her fingers in her wet flesh trying to ease the burning hunger he had stirred in her before she had fled. The smug bastard… “And you’re pissed now because it took you three days to catch me.”

“Fuck, yeah, I’m pissed! Because of you I’m way behind schedule, but I’ve got you now, and you’re gonna pay for holding me up ‑‑ with your ass.” The brute was grinning, she could tell by his voice.

She scowled. “What, do you have a quota to fill?”

“Not anymore.” Sobehk’s voice purred with innuendo. “Your nipples are hard. I think you like being caught.”

Her nipples were hard, and it pissed her off even more. “I think you like being a bastard.”

“Oh I do, I love being a bastard to slippery little thieves that really need to have their asses smacked for taking things that don’t belong to them.”

“I don’t know why you bothered chasing me; you got your glider back the next day!” Damn it, she couldn’t reach anything with her fingers…

“I’m bothering because I’ve been rock hard since that night in the bar — and I fully intend to do something about it.” He dropped his arm, releasing her throat, and slammed a hand between her shoulder blades, shoving her face down onto the pavement. “And your tight little ass is gonna feel really sweet around my dick as I empty my balls in it.”

Fallon had to turn her head or breathe concrete. What? Does he plan to ass-fuck me? Bloody Fate, I hope not! When he’d had her lying flat down on the bar’s table she had felt one monster of an erection pressing against her stomach. She honestly didn’t think she could fit something that big up her butt. “Hey, I have a perfectly good pussy!”

“Don’t worry, I’ll get that too.” His grip shifted on her wrists as he reached for something she couldn’t see. “Hold still.”

“What are you doing?” Metal closed around her wrists. He was cuffing her? A shimmer went through her internal technology. Force-cuffs? Where by burning fury did he get a set of those? They were tightly regulated by the Imperium; not even the local cops had them.She ground her teeth. The cuffs were tuned to her augmentations. As long as those things were on her wrists, her arms were his to command.

She licked her dry lips. But her feet were still free and her tools were in her boots. If she could get to her tools, she could tap into her own augmentations and release herself. It would be difficult as bleeding fury with her hands pinned behind her, but she’d done it once before; she could do it again. Her gaze flicked to the male practically on top of her. Gimme one deep breath of space and I’m gone, you big bastard. “Look, if you’re taking me to enforcement for the theft of your glider, I’ll be out in a matter of minutes. I’m on the payroll.”

“I figured as much; you have some expensive body augmentation.” His hands shifted on her arms. “Keep your wrists together.”

She wriggled, but her wrists remained pinned together at her back, imprisoned by his order and her own augmentations. Bloody Fate, I hate these things… At least her arms weren’t being jerked out of their sockets.

“Much better.” He grabbed her by the short hair at the back of her neck and sat back, pulling her upright with him.

Fallon winced as she came up on her knees. “Must you rip my hair out by the roots?”

He pulled her head back and glared down at her. “If I were you, I’d be more worried about my ass than my hair, thief. Do you have any idea who you robbed?”

Fallon leveled a glare the big brute. “Yeah, a big-mouthed, white-haired pervert with pointy ears and pointy teeth that likes to have sex with total strangers in public places.” Wearing decorative and obviously expensive black body armor and carrying regulation force-cuffs… She eyed him with suspicion. “Are you some kind of Imperial agent?”

“I’m not an Imperial anything.” Sobehk’s eyes narrowed. “I’m a Mahf’dhyt, you idiot.

She blinked. Was that supposed to mean something? She arched a brow at him. “Am I supposed to be impressed?”

“As a matter of fact… Yes.” He bared his teeth in a triumphant smile and the heart of his blue eyes reflected feline green-gold. “I’m a Skeldhi enforcer, also known as a hunter, and you’ve just joined the ranks of Skeldhi rehkyt.”

He was a cop? Her neck hairs rose in alarm. “I…what?”

He looked back at her and his smile broadened to show his pointed teeth. “Your people call us slave-hunters.”

Fallon couldn’t draw breath. He’s a slave-hunter? But they were just an urban legend. A race that changed people into willing sex-slaves was just too fantastic to believe. They couldn’t be really real. Could they?

But then, Peter had just said, these guys were paid by the Imperium to take people — and the people they took didn’t want to come back.

~ FS ~


– Two –

Fallon winced as Sobehk’s hand tightened in her hair. Caught, cuffed, and kneeling on the filthy deck plates in a disused alley in the bowels of the station… The whole situation sucked. Calling for help was a total waste of breath. Anyone that came would be more likely to slit both their throats just to steal her boots and his pretty armor.

“Considering that you’re a criminal, I guarantee you’re better off serving one of us than ending up in a penitentiary mining pit somewhere on the wrong side of space.” Sobehk pulled a long, viciously back-curved dagger from his tall over-the-knee boot.

Fallon saw the blade and didn’t think; she simply twisted as hard and as fast as her panicked body would move. Her hair came out in his hand and she didn’t care. She threw herself forward, tucking her head to roll over her shoulder, and right out of his reach. The idiot only had the one hand on her. Fuck the cuffs on her wrists; her feet were perfectly functional. In one smooth motion, she was up on her feet and running for the open end of the alley.

“Oh, no you fucking don’t!” His heavy boots pounded the pavement behind her. “Not this time!” He was gaining on her.

She sucked air and pushed her legs as fast as they would move, but running with her arms pinned at her back was not going to get her far. She had to get the damn cuffs off and fast. She spotted the yawning mouth of an open pipe right at the edge of the alley and dove in, headfirst.

She landed hard on her shoulder and grunted with the jarring impact. She rolled up onto her knees. The interior of the pipe was utter blackness. She closed her eyes and opened them to trigger her night vision augmentation. The pipe’s interior bloomed in a haze of green. It was filthy and just big enough to clear her head as long as she stayed on her knees.

She grimaced and started forward on her knees. She was already grimy, what was a little more dirt? But, if the pipe narrowed too much she’d be in big trouble fast without the use of her hands to get her through.

“How far do you think you’re going to get with force-cuffs on, you little idiot?” Sobehk’s voice echoed from the end of the pipe. Scrapes and thumps announced his entry into the pipe. “Damned feral human…”

Fallon sucked in a sharp breath. He’d never followed her into a pipe before; why was he doing it now? She shoved deeper, her knees bruising on the trash clogging the bottom of the pipe. She had to find a place to get the damned cuffs off right now.

She turned at the first cross juncture and shoved forward, hoping like bloody fury that whatever used to be in this pipe wasn’t corrosive; she couldn’t afford a skin graft. She turned a few more corners and found herself staring at a sharp upward bend in the pipe. It might as well have been a dead end. Without her hands, she’d never be able to get up into it.

She was out of options.

Fallon looked back at the open pipe. She could hear the stubborn brute still cursing up a storm only two turns back.

“Don’t you dare fall down a hole and get yourself killed! I want to kick your skinny ass first!” Crashes and hollow bangs accompanied his passage as his armor struck against the pipe’s narrow confines.

If she was lucky, he’d take a wrong turn and get him, and that armor of his, stuck in a pipe. But her luck had sucked all damned day.

She looked around for someplace to sit. The pipe-bend was just big enough for maybe three people to fit, and the opening over her head looked like an easy climb, if she had her hands. But, if he found her in this corner before she got the cuffs off, she might as well be in a steel cage.

The cuffs had to come off right now.

She moved to the curving wall right under the pipe’s mouth and dropped down on her knees. Using the wall for leverage, she twisted. She had to get at the outside of her boot with her fingers, and they were at her back. Her legs shivered as she held them impossibly tight against her body while her fingers scrabbled along the outside of her boot. Her fingers found the correct pocket on her right calf and the tiny stylus-prod that she needed. She twisted around sharply to get the prod balanced on her thigh. Carefully, she bent down to get it in her mouth without knocking it off and into the filth on the bottom of the pipe. She sat back up with a sigh of relief, the stylus safe in the grip of her strong teeth.

She turned her head and angled the point very carefully past the rip in her shoulder seam and over the right place. She didn’t want to lose her grip on the small instrument. She closed her eyes and focused her attention. She had to stab the correct nerve bundle to short-circuit the signal in her arm’s augmentation, releasing the cuff on her wrist. It was deep in the ball joint of her shoulder, and it was not going to be easy to find. It was also going to hurt like screaming fury while she did it.

She jabbed the stylus in and pushed it deep into her shoulder. Agony screamed up and down her arm as blood slithered past the puncture. A moan slipped past her lips. Gripping the tool tightly in her teeth, she began to dig. Small whimpers escaped her throat. She felt a tiny buzz of current against her lips and her arm dropped. Her right arm was free!

With a gasp of pain and relief Fallon released the stylus, leaving it in her shoulder. She twisted sharply, flapping her dead arm. The nasty thing flew off her wrist. The metal cuff hit the metal pipe with a loud bang.

She flinched. Of all the stupid things to do! If Sobehk was anywhere nearby, that sound just gave away her location. She leaned over and pulled the stylus from her arm with her teeth. She had to get that other cuff off. A small charge ran up her dead arm and her augmentation came back online. She lifted her arm and wiggled her fingers, allowing herself a fleeting smile. Her arm was weak, but she could use it. Thank the Maker for nano-technology ‑‑ self-healing robotics.

She grabbed the stylus with her free hand and stabbed it into her other shoulder. Pain seared through her. She moaned before she could stop herself.

“What the fuck are you doing?”

Fallon looked over and stared straight into Sobehk’s ice blue eyes. Her blood froze. Caught…

His face fell slack with astonishment. “How in bloody Chaos did you get that cuff off?”

“Shit!” She grabbed the instrument with her free hand and ripped it from her shoulder while scrambling to her feet. Clamping the stylus in her teeth, she jumped up to grab the lip of the pipe above her with her one good arm.

He came lunging into the bend. “Not this time, you little beast!” He grabbed her around the waist and hauled her back down.

She dropped, hitting the bottom of pipe facedown on her elbow with a hollow bang. She gasped with the vicious ache and the instrument fell from her teeth. She reached for the fallen stylus and his fingers closed tight on her shoulders. Searing pain ripped though her. She screamed and writhed in agony under him.

Sobehk pulled his hands from her shoulders. “Blood? You’re bleeding? What in Chaos did you do to yourself?” He set his palm between her shoulders to hold her down and ripped open the shoulder seam of her suit. “Fuck, that’s a lot of blood. Were you trying to kill yourself, you stupid little feral?”

Fallon twisted under him and slammed the heel of her hand into his jaw.

He grunted and fell back onto his knees.

Lightning-quick, she was back on her feet and jumping for the pipe.

“Oh, no you don’t!” He lunged up and hauled her back down.

She screamed obscenities and lashed out with her foot.

He grabbed her foot and pulled, dropping her hard onto her back then followed her down. “Stubborn little pain in my ass…!” He straddled her, pinning her struggling body with his weight. “Hold still. I need to stop the bleeding.” He grabbed the shoulders of her suit and ripped it further open.

She bucked and howled under him, insane with pain and fear.

“Hold still!” He had to use both hands to keep her down. “Stop fighting me, you idiot! You’re bleeding out!”

Fallon couldn’t see anything beyond his bulk holding her down. She twisted and fought with everything in her, desperate for escape.

“Damn it, you are not bleeding to death on me!” He pressed one hand on her chest, raised his fist. “Stop right now or I’ll knock you cold!”

Terrified beyond reason and in too much pain to care, she shrieked and clawed for his eyes.

His fist came down hard.

The world went very far away.

~ FS ~

Fallon awoke lying on her stomach, bent over something relatively soft, with her arms pulled over her head. There was an ache in her jaw that simply would not go away and a bruise over her heart, too, but other than that, she felt pretty okay. She shifted to sit up and discovered that she couldn’t. In fact, she couldn’t move at all. Huh?

She opened her eyes and brilliance speared her. She winced and closed them to switch over from her night vision. She opened her eyes again and discovered that she was looking at a familiar cross alley.

She couldn’t move because she was tied across the forward saddle of a two-man turbo-glider parked on its cycle tires. Both cuffs were on her wrists and bound together with fine cable lashed to a ring by the footboard. There was not one bit of give anywhere. Her ankles felt like they were similarly tied on the far side, but with her legs spread wide.

She was positioned as though waiting to be mounted.

What in fury…? Memory slammed through her. The force-cuffs, the pipe, Sobehk’s punch…

She was strapped across Sobehk’s glider.

Fallon dropped her head. Damn it, damn it, damn it… She was well and truly caught, only this time she was also set for travel. The question was, where did he plan to take her?

Fallon shifted on the glider’s saddle and felt a soft breeze on her naked back. Her suit had been split all the way down the back and spread open. She could feel the edges digging into the outside of her thighs, leaving her butt completely exposed all the way down and around almost to her navel.

The hair rose at the back of her neck. She really was waiting to be mounted.

“Awake?” His voice came from somewhere behind her.

That brutish bastard…! Fallon twisted her wrists and glared at the cable that bound her. She utterly loathed being helpless.

“I stopped the bleeding and bandaged both your shoulders from whatever it was you jammed into yourself.” Pavement crunched under his boots as he paced somewhere behind her. She felt the breeze of him moving between her spread thighs. “What in Chaos were you trying to accomplish?”

She blinked. He bandaged her? Why by fury would he do that?

“Answer me, you feral idiot!”

The sound of a sharp smack arrived only a bare moment before a scalding burn erupted across her ass. Fallon flinched in surprise. He hit me? She ground her teeth. What was a smack on the ass, when he’d punched her before? “Fuck you.”

“That’s better.” Sobehk snorted. “Now, spit it out ‑‑ what the fuck did you think you were doing?”

“I was trying to get the cuffs off.”

“Is that so? It looked a lot more like a suicide attempt to me.”

Fallon stared at the cuffs on both wrists. “It worked, I got one off.” Not that it did any good. It was back on.

“It could have killed you! The way you were bleeding back there, I was convinced you’d nicked an artery with that stunt.”

“So? What do you care?”

“Great Mother, you are so damned thick-headed! Do you want to die?”

Fallon dropped her head and scowled.

“Answer me, damn you!”

A sharp crack echoed in the alley.

Fallon’s left butt-cheek erupted with stinging heat. She sucked in a sharp breath and flinched. “No, I don’t want to die, you bastard!”

“Good! Because if you ever do something that stupid again I’m going to make your ass regret it for a week straight!”

Fallon hunched her shoulders. He was shouting. “If you hadn’t put the cuffs on me I wouldn’t have had to do it!”

“You would have preferred death to me?”

Fallon nibbled on her bottom lip. “I knew what I was doing…”

“Right. Which is why you were bleeding all over the place?” His warm palms cupped the curves of her bare ass, rubbing the sting from his strike.

She cringed and shivered slightly, feeling utterly exposed and completely helpless under his hands. “So, now what?”

“I’m waiting for my thank you, for saving your life.”

Her mouth popped open. A thank you, when he caused it in the first place? Bloody Fate, the ego!

His fingers dug into her ass-cheeks in clear warning.

She closed her eyes tight. “Okay, all right…! Thank you.”

“Good. Don’t do it again.” His fingers released her ass and he stroked her backside in a gentle caress. “I want you in one piece.”

She suddenly focused on his palm moving across her skin. Seditious warmth coiled in low, moist places. An image of what she must look like seared across her inner eye. Her body bent over the glider with her suit sliced open and peeled back, the rolled edges framing her butt with her muscular legs splayed wide. There was nothing to block his view of her most intimate flesh.

Her nipples rose to tight points against the leather of the saddle.

A second image entered her thoughts. His brutally handsome body as it had looked in the bar, all raw muscle and arrogance. She could practically feel him towering behind her, staring at her, focused on her naked and exposed backside… Anything he wanted, he could take, and there was no way she could stop him.

Another memory, this one of her short skirt up around her hips as she lay back on the top of the bar table with him above her. The full, heavy, hot length of his cock had pressed against the juncture of her spread thighs. Only his slick leather pants and the thin silk of her panties had come between them as she moaned under his mouth. His fingers under the silk working her trembling wet flesh toward the flashpoint of climax…

For a brief instant she acknowledged that some dark and twisted part of her wanted him to take her. Take her hard, and relieve the ache that had started three days ago and never really left.

Fallon shook the images from her mind and sucked in a breath in an attempt to control her runaway libido. “Fine, whatever. Are you going to beat me now or what?”

“Beat you?” Sobehk laughed, and it was not a pretty sound. He set his elbow beside her on the saddle of the glider and leaned over her to peer down at her. “I’m going to do something far worse.” Dark innuendo purred in his husky voice.

Hard muscle pressed against her bare back. He wasn’t wearing his armor. He didn’t seem to be wearing his pants, either. She could feel the hot length of his cock pressed against her exposed butt. Her body jolted with interested heat. Blood and Fate, what is wrong with me?

“Worse?” She turned her head and looked up, utterly terrified, painfully excited and seriously pissed off, all at the same time. “Like…what?”What could be worse than a beating?

His blue eyes burned with heat and his smile was pure masculine hunger. “I’m going to get you good and hot, and then…” His thumb stroked the seam that divided her cheeks. “I’m gonna split your ass with my dick. And make damn sure you like it.” His palm closed on her ass and squeezed.

Fallon’s breath left in a rush. Okay, that’s worse. In spite of the skittering of fear that danced up her spine, a flash of heat speared through her and her body clenched wetly. “I really don’t see how I’m going to like having your cock crammed in my ass.”

“Oh, you will.” He smiled, baring long teeth. “I’m very good.” He swept a hand down her bare back and turned to watch the progress of his fingers. His finger slid deep into the seam of her butt then circled the tight rose of her anus with intent. “And then I’ll spend the next whole cycle jammed up your ass or down your throat.”

A whole cycle of thirty days…? Fallon clenched her hands into fists and shook with a rage that boiled from out of nowhere. “You can’t just keep me, you bastard! That’s kidnapping!”

“It’s not kidnapping‑‑ ” Sobehk’s voice held both humor and a hard edge. “If the person in question is legal property.”

Fallon felt every thought in her head grind to a complete halt. “What?”

~ FS ~


– Three –

“Property…?” Fallon shook her head, trembling in the tight bindings that held her over the saddle of the glider. That didn’t make sense. Ice water rushed through her veins, dowsing the heat of her temper. She couldn’t be indentured; her debts weren’t that high. “But how…?”

“I’m a Skeldhi Mahf’dhyt, an enforcer, remember?” Leaning over her, his broad chest against her sweating back and his elbows pressing into the saddle on either side of her body, Sobehk held her gaze steadily. “This station is one of the places your Imperium gave us free rein to pick up strays. I filed an inquiry of intent on you three days ago. No one challenged the claim. You, my ferocious little feral, were an unwanted stray open for collection.” He tossed a derisive glance around the rusting steel alley. “Considering the conditions of this vermin-run station, and your likelihood of ending up in a mining pit, you could definitely use the rescue.”

Fallon couldn’t process what he was saying. It sounded too much like fantasy to be believable. “All this for taking your glider?”

“Actually, no.” Sobehk chuckled. “I originally planned to spank a harsh lesson into your ass and then fuck you senseless. But when you slipped out of my hands the third time in a row, I realized that you’d make a damned fine upuaht rehkyt.” He pushed up from her back to stand behind her.

Fallon snorted. He was staring at her ass again. “I got away from you a lot more than three times.”

“And every escape made me determined to catch your sweet ass that much more.” His hands dropped heavily onto her hips. “After the last stunt you pulled to get the cuff off, I’m betting you go Prime.” He cupped her ass in both hands and squeezed.

Prime? What the fuck was he babbling about now? Fallon writhed under his hands and clenched her teeth, fighting the overwhelming desire to press down and rub her aching clit against the saddle.

His finger slid down the seam of her ass, over the tight rose of her anus and then brushed against the plump outer lips of her cunt.

Her entire body went rigid with eager hunger. She bit her lips to keep from moaning. “Mother of Fate…”

“Feeling sensitive?” His fingers swept down the inside of her spread thighs.

She shivered and fought to think straight. “Sobehk, I have no interest in being anyone’s slave!”

“You’ll change your mind.” He slid two fingers into her cunt.

She gasped and pulled against the cables that held her. A chill sweat broke out all over her body, making the seat she was strapped across slick under her belly.

“Oh yeah, you’re nice and wet.” He pulled his fingers back out and chuckled. “I think you’re just about ready for your fuck.”

She bit back a moan. She was dying for a fuck, but she wasn’t about to tell him that.

He swept his other hand down her damp spine. “Ah, you’ve begun to sweat. Looks like the first dose has finally taken effect… About time too, I’m hard enough to pierce metal.”

“Dose?” Fallon stilled. Had the bastard drugged her? “Dose of what?”

“You’ve been injected with the first of four courses to genetically alter you into a Skeldhi-human hybrid, also known as a rehkyt. The lust you’re feeling is part of the process. You’ll get the second course as soon as I get you back.”

Fallon’s mouth fell open. “You’re altering me?”

“That’s right.”

“You fucking bastard!”

“It’s your own damned fault. I was planning to wait, but because of that stunt in the tunnel, there’s a real possibility of you being in danger of infection. Rehkyt are designed to be resistant to most diseases and recover very quickly from physical damage. Once I get my load of cum in you, my DNA will boost your immune system.”

“You can’t!” Fallon twisted on the saddle but there was no possible escape. “You can’t alter me!”

“Really? Who’s gonna stop me?” He pressed an oily slick finger against the tight rose of her anus. “Push out.”

Her mind focused on the immediate threat of his finger. “What are you doing?”

“I’m greasing your ass for my dick. Push out or this is going to hurt a lot more than it needs to.”

She cringed. She couldn’t stop him; he was really going to fuck her up the ass. She pushed out. His finger slid past the ring of her anus. The invasion felt impossibly large…and darkly exciting. A small whimper of mortification escaped her.

“Mmm, you’re awfully tight.” He pushed deep. “No getting around it, it’s gonna hurt when I shove my dick in this tight hole.” He pulled back then pushed deep again, wriggling his finger around the interior of her ass. “I’m guessing that this’ll be your first ass-reaming. Am I right?”

Fallon pulled on the cables that bound her as heat curled in her bowels and pulsed in her clit. There was nothing she could do to escape. She was his to take any way he chose. “I fucking hate you!”

“I’ll take that as a ‘yes’. Not that it will stop you from cumming.” He swept his thumb against her clit.
Ferocious heat gripped her core in a tight fist of need. The breath exploded from her lungs.

His chuckle made her skin crawl. “Oh yeah, you’re just about there.” He knelt, rocking the gilder. A warm puff of air caressed her most private flesh.

She pulled away instinctively, but she was too securely tied. What now? Something warm and wet stroked the intimate folds of her core. She choked.

“Mmm, nice flavor.” His hands dug into her butt, parting the cheeks to give him better access to her vulnerable flesh. He pressed his entire heated mouth to her and sucked noisily.

Vicious delight speared straight through her. She exhaled with a helpless moan and her hands opened wide in shock.

He licked and lapped, stroking and nibbling the tender flesh with slow, drugging skill and obvious delight.

Ferocious tremors of raw pleasure scorched her with each touch of his tongue, drawing her into a tight knot of mindless lust. He was really, really good… Despite the fact that she couldn’t stand him, the bastard’s talented mouth was driving her to the explosion point fast. He was going to make her cum, and cum screaming.

And there wasn’t a damned thing she could do about it.

Fire burned up her spine and seared the back of her skull then centered in her jaw. Pressure built. Suddenly her mouth filled. She spat and blood spattered on the pavement. A small white something lay in the pool. It looked like a tooth. She shouted in surprise.

Sobehk’s mouth stopped. He rose up from behind her and leaned over her back. “What?” He looked down at the blood on the pavement and chuckled. “Hot damn, you’re losing your teeth.”

What? Fear raised every hair on her body. “My teeth?” Abruptly pain slammed through her skull and her mouth filled. She was forced to spit again. Another tooth hit the pavement and gleamed in its small pool of blood. “Blood and Hell!” Her voice was tight with shock.

“Relax.” Sobehk swept a hand down her hip. “It’s just your fangs.”

She sucked in a sharp breath. “Fangs?”

“Just keep spitting; if we’re real lucky, you’ll get uppers and lowers.”

“Lucky?” He was out of his mind! “I’m losing my teeth!”

“You’re not losing them, you’re getting new ones. It’s part of the change.” He stroked her back. “You’ll be fine.”

Fallon shook her head in frustration and fear. “Sobehk! What the fuck have you done to me?”

“Will you relax?” Sobehk straightened and dropped back down to his knees behind her. “This is nothing. Wait till you see what happens once you have an ass full of cum.” His mouth covered her slick intimate flesh and his tongue began its torturous licking.

She shuddered under the insistent onslaught of burning delight. Another wave of heat, lust and painful pleasure ripped through her. She screamed. Another tooth hit the pavement in a spatter of blood. “Oh, Maker,” she moaned.

“Did you just lose another one?”

She shuddered. “Yes.”

“Good, one more to go.”

“You ass-hole!”

“Be nice!” His hand cracked hard on her sweat-slick ass.

The strike blazed across her butt-cheek. She yelped and choked on a mouthful of blood. One more tooth hit the pavement. “Fuck…”

“That makes four, right?”

She closed her eyes and moaned. “Yes.”

“Good, then you should be done.” His hands explored her butt with possessive delight. “I knew you’d get fangs, you were too aggressive not to, but all four? Oh yeah, you’re gonna go Prime on me, I can feel it.”

Fallon panted on the glider’s saddle. She had no clue what he was talking about and she didn’t care. She stared at the four teeth on the pavement and knew for a fact that she didn’t want to play this game anymore. “Sobehk, let me go.”

“What?” He laughed. “It’s far too late for that.” He leaned forward and attacked her vulnerable flesh with renewed dedication.

She writhed on the glider’s saddle, unable to escape his mouth, unable to escape the coiling tension in her belly, unable to do anything more than submit to his erotic assault on her vulnerable flesh. Small, needy sounds escaped her lips.

“Damn, Kitten, you are putting out a lot of cream.” He lapped in earnest, wriggling his tongue into her core. He pressed two fingers deep into her and curled, brushing her inner flesh with delicacy and skill.
Her body gripped his fingers ravenously. Ruthless carnal greed became paramount and desperation for release stole every thought in her head. Helpless, needy sounds tumbled from her lips.

“You’re good and hot now.” He chuckled, a warm vibration that sent gentle shockwaves through her as his tongue danced against her flesh. Deep within her, his fingers flicked.

A sharp bolt of erotic delight jolted her. Her body bucked hard enough to rock the glider. Climax rose and coiled unbearably tight. Her breath caught as she teetered on the edge.

His lips closed on her clit and he attacked the tiny swollen nub with his tongue.

She exploded, release slamming through her in a furious torrent of molten ecstasy. Her gasping cries echoed in the alley.

Sobehk released her clit with a satisfied sigh. “That’s my kitten. Now you’re ready to fuck.” He pulled his fingers from her hungry core and grabbed either edge of the glider’s saddle. The glider rocked as he stepped up on the running board and stood between her thighs.

Fallon panted for breath. She could barely think past the shudders wracking her body. Bloody Fate… She didn’t think she’d ever cum that hard in her life.

He leaned over her back. “I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to stretching your ass.”

She sucked in a sharp breath as fear washed the heat from her body. Temper followed with blinding speed. “Why don’t you shove it up your own ass?”

“Oh, you’re just begging for a beating, aren’t you? Don’t worry; I’ll get to that too.” His body came down on top of hers, hot, heavy, and brutally exciting. His rigid cock pressed against the seam of her cheeks.

Everything in her focused on the hard cock branding her ass. In spite of the climax that had just torn the shouts from her throat, her body still hungered, and it hungered for a cock to fill it. Her cheeks heated as she realized that if she hadn’t been tied she would have spread her thighs for him, and eagerly. Her body wanted to be fucked that badly.

He gripped her hip. The broad slick head of his cock pressed tight against the small opening of her anus. “Push out and push out hard, because whether or not you want it, I’m coming up your ass, right now.” Her anus began to spread under the insistent pressure.

She tossed her head and writhed, but his cock continued to press. The pain was sharp and immediate. She arched and twisted but the cables had no give. “Damn you! It hurts!”

“Of course it hurts!” His long nails dug into her hip. “I said, push out!” He slapped her ass hard.

She gasped under the burn of his strike and reflexively pushed out. The head of his cock slipped past the ring of her anus. She couldn’t stop the small cry of surprise or the undignified moan that followed. Once he got past the tight muscle of her opening, it wasn’t as bad as she had expected.

“Fuck yeah, the sounds of first…penetration.” His cock pressed onward, stretching her with his hard length. He sighed with pleasure. “Not so bad once it’s in there, is it?”

Fallon grit her teeth. Bastard. It would have been a whole lot easier to keep her over-excited libido at bay if it continued to hurt. As it was, the decadent feeling of his penetration was making her hotter — not colder.

“Keep pushing; you have a lot more cock to fit in there.”

She gasped for breath and groaned as she pushed out. His hard shaft slowly forged deeper, stretching her impossibly wide.

He drew in a deep breath. “Almost…there.”

Something blunt and rigid made contact with the outer lips to her cunt. She stilled in surprise. It didn’t have the crisp hardness of plastic or glass, but rather the satiny give of leather, or flesh, and it was warm. The blunt broadness nudged between her slick folds, nosing into her hungry core. It felt like another cock.

“Oh yeah,” he said in a soft growl. “You are soaking wet. My second cock is gonna slide right in.”

Her head came up. Second cock? She had known that some races were…built that way, but she’d had no idea that Sobehk was.

“Oh, so you didn’t know?” He chuckled, and it vibrated through the cock jammed up her ass. “Surprise.” His hands closed on her waist. He pulled, driving both cocks all the way in. His hips slammed against her ass.

Fire scorched the abused ring of her anus even as her hungry core was finally filled. She howled and twisted, impaled on both cocks.

Sobehk groaned in obvious pleasure. “Fuck, your cunt is almost as tight as your ass!”

He rolled his hips, digging his cock deeper into her ass while rubbing against something brutally exciting deep in her core.

She gasped as raw erotic pleasure mixed with the hot pressure of over-fullness. Her toes curled and shivers erupted all over her body. Her hips twisted under him in pure reflex.

“That’s it,” he crooned. “Feel those hard cocks stretching you open.” He twisted his hips counter to her movements, working his cocks deep in her ass and cunt.

“Sadistic bastard!” Her voice was embarrassingly close to a whimper, but her body had a mind of its own and she continued to move under him.

“Nice of you to notice, but you are still gonna cum screaming on both my dicks.”

“I don’t…” She sucked in a breath, fighting to think through the sensual overload. “I don’t cum that easily…” She groaned. “Not with a cock up my ass!”

“Is that so?” He pulled back slowly, sliding his cock a few increments from her butt. His other cock-head slid almost to the point of exiting.

She hissed in shock. His withdrawal wasn’t painful at all; in fact, it felt distinctly pleasurable, but not in any recognizable way she’d ever felt pleasure before.

“Felt good, didn’t it?”

Fallon dropped her head, annoyed that he’d figured that out so fast, but what really frightened her was her body’s greedy hunger.


She desperately did not want to give him the satisfaction, but her body had other ideas. She stiffened and her butt rose, just a tiny bit, in eager invitation.

“Oh yeah, you want more.” His long nails dug into her hips. He thrust.

She choked as he filled her. Her ass burned even as her core clamped down in greedy delight. “Fuck! That hurts!”

“It hurts now, because you’re new to it.” He leaned over her, and his voice dropped into a low growl. “Next time you’ll beg for it.”

A snarl erupted from her throat. It sounded utterly animalistic, like that of a hunting feline, and completely inhuman. She gasped, shocked. “Was that me?”

He choked out a laugh. “Yes, yes it was.” He stroked her back with his warm hands. “It sounds like you’re going to need that second dose soon.” He pulled back, delivering more of that illicit pleasure. “No more mercy; you need an ass full of cum.”

She stilled under him. “What?” He couldn’t mean what she thought he meant…

He snorted. “Just relax and enjoy the ride. The faster I go, the quicker I get off, and the faster I can get you out of here.” He pulled back and slammed back in with vicious speed.

She shouted with the hot brutal impact in her ass even as he struck something within her core that jolted her hard with erotic delight.

He grunted and pulled back only to shove right back in.

She shuddered, jolted across the saddle by the impact of his hips against her ass. And yet, heat coiled and tightened within her. A whimper escaped her lips.

He slammed in again. Then again, and again, increasingly harder in his thrusts… He grunted as he fucked her hard enough to rock the glider under them.

Powerful and cruel pleasure washed through her and coiled tight into a ferocious and rising wave. Her fingers splayed out as she twisted under him, overwhelmed. She couldn’t stop her gasping cries of bright agony and dark delight.

He ground into her, hot, hard, and deliciously deep. “You’re just about there.”

He was right; she was going to cum, and cum horrifically hard. That last one was nothing compared to what was coiling in her belly. She could feel the scream building within her. Alarmed by the strength of her rising climax she struggled against it, burning with lust but more terrified of the fall.

“You stubborn little feral…” Sobehk growled over her. “Quit fighting it!”

Her body rocked and shuddered under his thrusts, burning and trembling with the need for release, but fear held her back.

Sobehk dropped on top of her and slid his hand around her hip and under. “Damn you, you are going to cum.” His finger found her swollen clit and flicked. And thrust.

Liquid heat and fire erupted in a ferocious boil. Climax dug its claws deep into her, screaming for escape. She balanced on the edge. A howl of denial was ripped from her throat. “No!”

“Yes!” He ground his cocks into her as his fingers worked her clit. “Cum, damn you!”

“No!” Fallon cried out, frantic with both need and fear, and still she held back from the edge.

He growled. “No more stubbornness.” His open mouth pressed hot and wet on the long muscle of the throat.

She felt the points of his long teeth. A shiver of alarm raced up her spine. “Don’t…!”

He bit down.

Four small but fierce lines of bright hot pain tore her throat. She moaned.

His tongue swept across the small tears and he rose over her. “Now you’ll cum.”

A wave of overwhelming sensation slammed through her. Hot lust, intense pleasure and aching fullness mixed into a violent wave.

“Oh yeah, you’re feeling it now.” He thrust, and thrust…

She bucked, frenzied by the intensity of the sensations wracking her. It was too much. She screamed. Her body clenched tight with imminent release. Her breath stopped in her throat.

“That’s it, Kitten…” Sobehk groaned and thrust hard. “Cum, cum on my cocks and squeeze me dry!”

Release exploded within her. She fell shrieking and writhing into a maelstrom of orgasmic pleasure that washed her sanity from her mind. From far away she heard his triumphant howl and felt his final thrust. She shook under the final burning waves of orgasm as his cum filled her.

~ FS ~


– Four –

Fallon was barely conscious as Sobehk unfastened the cables that held her down across the glider’s saddle. She felt the cool edge of steel slide up the back of her legs. Two quick jerks tore the mangled remains of her leather suit from her body. He tossed it on the pavement. His fingers jerked at the buckles of her boots.

She tried to raise her head. “Not my boots.” Those boots had been specially tailored for her. Most of her inter-neural infiltration tools were secreted in the leather and the lining. More than half of those tiny instruments accessed specially tailored breaking codes that she had programmed herself. Her entire profession was in her boots.

“The boots definitely have to go. Chaos only knows what kind of thieves’ tools you have in them.” He tugged the first off and threw it.

“No…” She struggled, but simply couldn’t get up the will to do more than shake her head. Her body shuddered and a wave of heat flushed her from head to toe. She groaned.

He tugged off her other boot and stroked her bare calf. “Shit. The fever has started. I have got to get you back.” He pulled her up into his arms and threw his leg over the glider’s saddle. Holding her crosswise in his arms, he frowned down at her and swept a hand across her brow. “Your eyes are starting to show signs of going.”

She ignored his words; she was too busy staring at the sleek, silky black shirt stretched across his broad chest. He was also wearing a heavy leather coat that draped the sides of the glider. He’s dressed? When did he get dressed?

He hauled her leg over his until she straddled him, facing his chest. She was just too damned tired to even attempt to move. His leather pants felt soft under her spread thighs.

Heat struck the back of her skull. It washed down her body, triggering a thorough soaking sweat. She barely noticed as he tugged her arms under his coat then around his waist. She was too busy trying to breathe past the wave of heat that flooded her limbs.

“Keep your wrists together around my waist.”

A sizzling shimmer went through her arm augmentations, and her wrists locked together behind his back. Suddenly the heat passed and she could think again.

He tipped her head back. “Open your mouth.”

“Huh?” She moaned softly. “Now what?”

“I said: open.” His thumbs dug into her jaw and her mouth popped open. He tilted her head back and peered into her mouth. “Oh yeah, you got a nice set in there.”

She shook her head and he released her. “Set of what?”

He smiled, and it wasn’t pretty. “Fangs, Kitten. You have a very pretty set of uppers and lowers.”

Fangs? She explored her new teeth with her tongue. She pricked herself and flinched. They were sharp. Fangs, great… Her head fell against his heart and she closed her eyes. She was so tired. His warm scent washed over her. He smelled of clean sweat, male skin and sex. He smelled…good. She pressed her nose against him to smell him some more.

“It’s time to go.” He closed his coat around them both and buckled the glider’s safety belts around them. “We’re late.” He pulled on the helmet and started the glider’s air turbines, the vibration humming deep in her bones. He leaned forward and grabbed the glider’s handlebars. “We’ve been late.” The glider lifted straight up on a wave of anti-grav.

“Huh?” She lifted her head. “Late for what?” The glider tipped up and lunged hard for the sky. She was slammed into his chest and the wind ripped her words away.

The howling turbo-glider and its two passengers lunged up from the manufacturing levels of the station’s under-city. Sleek, narrow and built for power, the glider knifed into the flight stream arching over the corporate towers of the upper-city. Traffic lights gleamed on the aggressively edged side fins. Buoyant on a wave of anti-grav and propelled by the glider’s churning air turbines, the glider dodged nighttime flight-traffic at killing speed.

Fallon gripped Sobehk around the waist, her thighs straddling his, her bare feet hooked around his calves as they bucked over the conflicting air currents. Not that she could have let go if she tried with the force-cuffs locking her wrists around him. She clenched her hands into tight fists against his warm back and pressed her face into his chest. He had her under his coat but he hadn’t given her a helmet. The icy wind of the upper-city made her eyes water. It was a lot warmer in the deeps.

The glider suddenly dropped in speed and dipped.

Fallon jerked awake. Huh? She couldn’t believe she’d actually fallen asleep. Where were they? She turned to look. The colors were all smeary and too bright. She squinted into the wind to focus. They were circling the brightly lit open ring of a small, cone-shaped spaceport reserved for privately owned ships. She stared, wide-eyed. Blood and Fate, what did he want all the way out here?

Her eyes went out of focus. She squinted harder. They were very far away from the heart of the under-city where he’d finally caught her. Once she got away it was going to be one serious pain in the ass of a long trek back. Not to mention that she was stark naked. Getting something to wear up on the topside was going to be a problem all by itself.

The glider dove into the spaceport ring and slipped easily past slow-moving hover-barges towing freight and passengers as it skimmed deep into the lower levels.

Fallon bit her lip. She hadn’t thought he would actually enter the spaceport. This was not looking good at all.

The glider took a sharp turn and dropped, landing on its cycle tires with a small bounce.

She yelped in surprise. “Don’t get us killed!”

“Shut up and let me drive!”

They raced along the main passage that ran along the level’s outer edge then took a sudden sharp turn into a small wedge-shaped berth. The dock lights illuminated the long, sleek and aggressive lines of a highly reflective black craft designed for space travel as well as atmospheric flight. It was only a little bigger than a frigate-class pleasure yacht, and it was armed with ports for energy pulse cannons and ballistics.

The howling roar of the ship’s engines filled the berth. The deck vibrated under the glider’s tires. At the berth’s narrowest point was the door to the launch pit at the spaceport’s heart. The door was closed, but the pit was already primed for lift. The massive superconductors deep in the very bottom were actively generating a massive wave of anti-grav. She could feel the shimmer of weightlessness under the glider.

Fallon stared at the craft and her heart thumped in her chest. She shouted over the noise. “Sobehk, that ship is about to launch!”

Sobehk shouted back. “That’s right.” He checked his speed, slowing as he approached the ship. “I told you, I’m behind schedule!” He turned the glider to the ship’s rear where a narrow gangway led up into the yawning mouth of the ship’s cargo hold.

Fallon stared at the ship’s open cargo door and her blood turned to ice water. “But what about me?”

The glider roared up the ramp and into the ship. “What about you?”

Two tall slender men in sculpted black armor came running up. Light gleamed on their silver hair and on their weapons. Both of them wore swords, and small blades were tucked all over their suits.

Sobehk unbuckled the safety belts and opened his coat, revealing Fallon locked around his waist.

One of them frowned. “Is that your catch?”

Sobehk pulled off his helmet and scrubbed a hand through his hair. “Yep.”

The other scowled. “I hope she’s worth it; we’re late.”

“It took a three-day hunt to catch her.” Sobehk smiled. “I got the first dose in her and she already has a full set of teeth.”

The first grinned at the second. “Sounds like definite Prime potential to me.”

“Let me go!” Fallon jerked at her arms, pulling on Sobehk’s waist in panic. “I need to get off!” Her body buzzed with tension as her muscles fought with her internal tech.

Sobehk snorted and smiled down at her. “You are not going anywhere.”

Temper flared hot and she snarled at him, baring her teeth.

He grabbed the hair at the back of her neck and jerked her head back. His lips curled back, showing his far longer teeth. A growl rumbled in his chest. “Don’t you dare bite me!”

She trembled in his grip, aware on a visceral level that her throat was vulnerable to his teeth. Her gaze darted to the exit. Peter had said they took people — she hadn’t thought he meant they took them off-station.

The ramp slid up, and the door irised shut and sealed.

Her breath stilled in her lungs. Her vision blurred completely. She could feel tears tracking down her cheeks. This was not happening!

She heard him speak as though from a great distance. “Hey, can you see?”

Fallon frowned. “What?” He seemed so far away it took her a moment to realize what he’d asked. She blinked but he was one big watery blur. “No.” You big stupid brute… “I can’t see.” I’m too busy crying.

“About time.”

“Huh?” That didn’t make any sense. In fact, nothing was making any sense at all.

“Blood tears,” someone said right at her shoulder.

She felt heat begin to creep up her limbs. “What?” A humming filled her ears. The heat in her body pulled at her and made it difficult to think.

“Her eyes are going; she’s late for her second dose.” Sobehk sounded far away. “Let go, Kitten.”

Her arms dropped from around his waist. She was supposed to be doing something…going somewhere.

“She’s going under.”

“I see it.” She felt Sobehk turn her and lay her across his lap. “Give me the syringe.”

Sleep crashed over her.

Something punched into her heart, from very far away.

~ FS ~

Fallon awoke disoriented and bent over on her stomach with her wrists pinned behind her back. It took her a moment to realize that she was being carried, draped over a warm broad shoulder, with her head down a muscular, naked back. Her gaze was irresistibly drawn down a long white braid swinging above a flexing muscular ass in skintight pants. It was a really nice ass, too…

Then her body started protesting, loudly. She groaned as every bruise, ache and strain from the last three days suddenly howled for attention. She shifted uncomfortably. For some strange reason there seemed to be a hard knot at the base of her breastbone that was particularly annoying.

“Finally awake?” The deep voice was more than familiar.

Fallon closed her eyes. She would be ogling Sobehk’s backside. Terrific…

“Before you get any thoughts about trying to leave the ship, we left the station about an hour ago and are currently in jump space.”

Oh shit! For a full breath, panic surged through her. The panic was abruptly squashed by practicality. She had known that her career would probably end in being caught by somebody. She just hadn’t thought she’d get caught by someone she’d kissed. Pain in my ass… She flinched. Her ass was still sore from her reaming.

She seriously thought about wriggling out of his hold just on principle, but there wasn’t anyplace to go, not on a ship this small. And she was just too damned tired. Her stomach gurgled. She winced. And hungry. She honestly hoped he planned to feed her sometime soon. She lifted her head and found that she was being hauled through a semi-dark, narrow, arched passageway walled in unrelieved black. “Where are you taking me?”

“The facility. You’re incredibly filthy.”

She snorted. “I should be; I’ve been sleeping in the under-city sewers for the past few days.”

“Oh, so that’s where that charming aroma came from?” He sounded revoltingly amused.

Fallon curled her lip. So she smelled like a cesspit; nice of him to point that out. “I did it to avoid a big white-haired brute that wouldn’t get off my ass.” She felt a smile bloom with sudden memory. “When I dove into that last sewage pipe, the look of total disgust on your face was absolutely precious. You really hate getting your pretty armor all dirty, don’t you?”

You are in enough trouble already. Are you sure you want to add to it?”

“I figure I’m about as deep as I can get already, so why hold back?” Fallon’s belly gurgled again. She shifted. Her stomach was not at all happy being draped over his hard shoulder. “Are we there yet?”

“As a matter of fact…” He stepped through a narrow oval door, knelt and tilted her back, depositing her onto her feet. “Yes.”

Fallon teetered unsteadily on her bare feet. They were in a compact black-walled bathing facility with an enclosed water stall that would fit two, but no more. The commode and the sink were both lidded and designed for gravity and zero-g.

Sobehk set towels on the counter then turned and reached for her.

She back-pedaled into the wall where the door used to be.

He snorted. “Relax; I’m just checking your bandages.” He peeled back the derma-strips with gentle fingers.

She looked up at him in alarm and felt her heart beat in her mouth for no good reason at all. “What for?”

“I want to make sure you didn’t do any permanent damage.”

“My arms work just fine, thank you.” She suddenly focused on his handsome face and then his full mouth. A kiss would only be a small stretch away… She licked her lips. Her heart thumped harder. What am I thinking? She jerked away and almost fell against the smooth wall. Her knees didn’t want to work properly.

He raised a brow at her. “Having problems standing?”

“No…” She was having problems being in the same room with him. She had to keep away from him, he…he smelled too good. What was wrong with her today? She’d been doing weird things, thinking weird things and now she was feeling weird things.

“Good. Turn around, put your hands on the wall and keep them there.”

Fallon turned and set both palms on the wall. “Now what?”

“Hold still.” His fingertips slid down her back. “I want to see if you took any other damage I didn’t see.”

She arched away from his light touch, but he persisted. It didn’t feel bad; in fact, it felt kind of…nice. The hair rose all down her spine. Why was he being so…caring? Why couldn’t he just stay a big loud-mouthed bastard? She could handle being yelled at. This…gentleness was scrambling everything in her head. Bloody Fate, she had almost kissed him!

“Chaos, you’re filthy.”

The breath exploded from Fallon’s lungs. “If you hadn’t chased me ‑‑! ”

“You stole my glider!”

“There was no reason to go after me once you got it back!”

He snarled, the primitive and completely inhuman sound of an angry predator. “We’ve been over all this! You lost, remember? That’s why you are currently up against the wall.”

Fallon couldn’t stop her instinctive flinch. “Fine.” She scowled at the gleaming black wall. “So, now what are you going to do?”

“Do? The same thing anyone does with a dirty stray — give it a bath.” She could hear the insufferable grin in his voice.

“A dirty stray?” Fallon turned to glare at him over her shoulder. “What do you think I am, some kind of pet?”

Sobehk barked out a laugh. “Yes, actually.” He jabbed a thumb over his shoulder at the oval door to the water stall. “Go on and get in.” He reached for the fastenings to his pants.

She fled.

~ FS ~

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