The complete list of
Morgan Hawke’s published works.

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Morgan Hawke’s Published Titles
in order of Release, from Last to First.

A Morgan Hawke Story CollectionM/F1/20Extasy Books
Splintered MirrorM/F3/14Mojo Castle
Bad GirlM/F/M1/11Mojo Castle
In ArrearsM/M9/10Mojo Castle
Security IssuesM/M3/10Mojo Castle
Lost StarM/M1/20
Extasy Books
Loose Id
DemonessAll4/09Mojo Castle
Cheater’s Guide to Writing Erotic Romance~1/08Mojo Castle
Winter’s KissM/F9/07Kensington
Kiss of the WolfM/F11/06Kensington
TempestuousM/M2/06Extasy Books
Hungry SpiritsM/F/M11/05Extasy Books
Fallen StarM/F/M1/20
Extasy Books
Loose Id
TorridM/M10/05Extasy Books
Illicit MagickM/F/M4/05Extasy Books
Passion’s VintageM/F/M2/05Extasy Books
Uber GothicM/F/M11/04Mojo Castle
Victorious StarM/F/M1/20
Extasy Books
Loose Id
Pirate’s PixieM/F9/04Extasy Books
House of ShadowsM/F3/04Extasy Books
Fortune’s StarM/F/M1/20
Extasy Books
Loose Id
Alchemical InkM/F1/04Carroll & Graff
PhantasmagoriaM/F8/03Extasy Books
Full Moon RisingM/F8/03Extasy Books
Snow MoonM/F8/03Extasy Books
Night WaitressM/F8/03Extasy Books
Teacher’s PetM/F8/03Extasy Books
Queen of DragonsM/F8/03Extasy Books
Temple of LillithM/F8/03Extasy Books
Molly CoddleM/F8/03Extasy Books

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